The Orioles haven't been to the playoffs since their star studded team in 1997 that lost in the ALCS to the Indians. I work with people who can't even remember 1997. Its been more than a long decade to be an Orioles fan. Remember Albert Belle? The Palmeiro/Tejada incidents? From high priced veterans past their prime to the coaching carousel, nothing seemed to work. Or at least it seemed like ownership didn't want it to work. Local radio stations even organized raucous walkouts of Orioles' games in hopes Peter Angelos would sell the team. Things have been bad, ugly bad.

Enter 2011, and the O's start out 4-0. Pitching has been phenomenal and the young star Brian Matusz hasn't even pitched yet. So should we get our hopes up(if you are an O's fan)? No, we shouldn't This happens every year where a bad team starts out hot and flames out soon after. However, there is a rare occasion when a former horrendous team will step it up to the next level to start out the year and maintain it throughout the season. It appears manager Buck Showalter has this team going in the right direction. Since he took over the team on Aug. 3rd they have a record of 38 - 23. That is the best winning stretch in the AL East during that time period. So maybe there is something to this year's O's. If not, there is certainly some legitimate signs of things to come.

O, and the team is apparently shopping around for a fifth starter right now because of injuries. Rumor has it Jeremy Bonderman is an option.

Check out this link for a good story on the team:


The common denominator in all media is entertainment. As human beings in a world of mass media and networking at our fingertips we feel we cannot afford to be bored at any point during the day. Its like a technology ADD. What would we do without it and what did we do before it?

I just watched the movie Social Network, great movie. The movie depicts the story of the founders of Facebook. Interesting story. Its the kind of movie that will make you want to get up off your couch and create something your own. If you haven't seen the movie, I recommend watching it.

Social Media avenues such as Facebook are a huge hit in marketing techniques now-a-days. So much so every sport executive I talk to brings it up. How social media is essentially the new word of mouth, only faster, is without question. And word of mouth like Facebook is addicting. Sport teams and organizations are using social media to promote attendance and their promotions, like maintaining any network, you straddle the line of persistence and annoyance. I receive a couple of invites per day for various games, and while this does inform me of events, the continuous prodding by one organization or another on a daily basis can impact my desire to attend an event. Its like my neighbors car alarm that seems to go off every night between 3 and 5am. At first you might think you need to pay attention to this, eventually you tune it out, like my neighbor, and just ignore it or get rid of it. I hear friends complain about social media invites similarly, "If they don't stop sending me invites to every single event that comes along, I'm going to block them." So how do you avoid losing your audience? Pick marquee matchups, a handful of games or events and promote those more than others. Build an exclusivity, not a watered down product. Create an interest in a person sampling your product once or twice that they would want to come back without your urging them. Don't push them to the point of blocking you or tuning you out. Stay on the persistence side of the line.