_             There is a deafening roar in the stadium. A crescendo that has been building since the home team tied the game up with only 3 minutes left on the clock after coming back from 15 down. This rally has certainly been helped by the sixth man, the home crowd kicking their screaming and stomping into overdrive. On cue the away coach quickly calls a timeout to settle his team’s nerves and try to quiet the home crowd. A full timeout is a long time for a crowd and they often lose some of their momentum. So what were the top songs used by stadiums across the country to keep their fans in the game and active? Over the past week I have made some phone calls to a few colleagues and narrowed down a list of the most common songs that fans responded to from 2011. A lot of these are old standbys but are sure to keep the crowd in the face of the opposing team and make the away team’s timeout nothing more but fuel to the fire of an excited home crowd. In no particular order, here are the five most commonly successful momentum songs from 2011.

  • Zombie Nation – Kernkraft 400
This song is sure to get people chanting during the chorus, especially student sections. If possible, it is best to edit the earlier slower portion completely out so the crowd hears the good stuff as soon as the timeout is called.

  • The Hey Song (Rock and Roll Part 2) – Gary Glitter
Everyone has heard of this song. That’s part of why it is so successful, you don’t need to be a fanatic fan to know what to do when this song comes on. Fans of all ages know how to respond to this song and definitely get loud. Also, this song does have a slow intro and that should be edited out to keep the crowd loud and screaming “Hey!” right away.

  • We Will Rock You - Queen
Also, an old classic momentum song like The Hey Song, this song has been played in stadiums for years. Make sure to hold off on using this song in your stadium until the right moment. You’ll only get one shot with this song, make it count. Like the others, this should be edited to a point where the chorus is playing.

  • Seven Nation Army – White Stripes
Especially popular at football games, this song has a strong backbeat that tends to get a raucous crowd chanting along with it. Also, the slower intro to this song should be edited out.

  • The Fratellis – Chelsea Dagger
Chicago Blackhawks fans love this song. The chorus of this song always keeps the crowd on their feet and yelling along. If the chorus can be looped it’s the best way to do this song. Make sure to include the initial scream of the song in the track as well.

*Appeared on GlovesOffSports.com*

Business Perspective

            Perception is the first reality. Perspective is relevant to the eye of the beholder. The eye of the beholder usually has an ingrained perspective based on their culture and experiences. Business is no different. In an initial meeting between two persons each individual often develops an opinion on the other person before the even open their mouth. Posture can relate to confidence, hygiene relative to appearance can relate to charisma, and your dress can relate to your attitude.

I walked into a Chamber of Commerce event in Normal, IL a year ago and saw a young man with a green Mohawk that was spiked almost a food high serving food at the event for one of the community restaurants. The owner of this restaurant is very outspoken in the community, the type who has an opinion on anything. However, the sight of the young man with the lime green Mohawk serving food from his restaurant always stayed with me for two reasons. The first being the hypocrisy of the owner wanting to promote the attributes of a prominent and upstanding image in the community but representing his company by scheduling an employee of his with a ridiculous image that contradicted his view of his company. My second reason was why this young man would choose to represent himself in such manner.

Understanding the need for individuality does not escape me, nor does the right to freedom of dress. However, if you desire to be successful in a world that has an image for what success looks like why present yourself in a manner which automatically causes people to pigeon-hole you as a jerk, lazy or a punk? Don’t do it.

You only get one shot at an introduction so don’t blow it. If you want success put yourself in the initial role by playing the part. I’m not saying to be a tool. What I am saying is be yourself but dress and carry yourself to the image that the mass authority of people would view you and think I want to do business with this guy – even before you ever open your mouth.