_         Tim Tebow, arguably the most talked about player all year in the NFL. You might have heard of him. He is kind of a big deal right now. John Elway was a little wishy-washy about him, and may still be, but appears to be really accepting of him now as the Bronco’s starting Quarterback. Hulk Hogan was even on ESPN hilariously ripping a Tebow jersey off himself while doing his shtick about Hulkamaniacs. Whether you hate him or love him he is certainly great for the NFL.

            In last weekend’s playoff game, Broncos vs Steelers, it was the highest TV rating for a First-Round game since 1988.  Really incredible for a Quarterback in his first year of starting and whose mechanics have been so scrutinized all year. Tebow has to be one of the most polarizing figures in pro sports right now and it’s not for being an obnoxious pre-madonna who is a problem in and out of the locker room. Not even close, in fact Tebow seems to be the real deal of the great guy and kind person that he comes off as. He also happens to be a marketer’s dream. He is currently working with Jockey, Nike, EA Sports and FRS Energy drinks. All of the free press you get having your product or team associated with Tebow is mind-numbing, plus you know the chances of him doing something unethical that may be indirectly attributed to your brand is very low. "As a marketer, you want somebody like that," said Darin David – Account Director at The Marketing Arm. "He doesn't have the same kind of negative backlash as other players. He is just so newsworthy right now that you would want to capitalize on that." 

            Each year the NFL releases the top selling jerseys and Tebow was an impressive number two behind Aaron Rodgers and in front of Drew Brees. It’s estimated by sports marketing guru Bob Dorfman that Tebow’s marketing income will increase to 3-5 million next year and maybe double if he keeps winning. This guy has not even done that much since he has been in the league and his jersey is better than a number of higher profile quarterbacks! Amazing. As Tebow is currently trending up it doesn’t appear that his image will take a hit in the near future and he will continue to be a very attractive option for marketing. Best of luck to a guy that plays hard and certainly seems to be an all around good person.